The old Whitireia New Zealand Kapiti Campus building in Paraparaumu has been identified as a local collection point for the firearms amnesty and buy-back for newly prohibited firearms.

"I urge Kāpiti residents possessing these now prohibited firearms, or other firearms they no longer wish to be in their possession, to note the time, dates and place and make preparations," Kāpiti mayor K Gurunathan said.

The set dates are August 16 and September 27-29.

The time of collection on each of those days will between 10am and 3pm.


The collection site will be under armed police security.

The former Whitireia New Zealand Kāpiti campus. Photo / David Haxton
The former Whitireia New Zealand Kāpiti campus. Photo / David Haxton

"People are advised not to take the firearms to the front counters of police stations but only to a specifically identified collection point.

"For Kāpiti it's the old Whitireia building.

"The New Zealand Police website has detailed information on how to do this and what to expect.

"Before going to the collection point you are advised to check this website and complete a notification form.

"This will speed up the process when you get to the collection site."

Mr Gurunathan said apart from the buy-back of the newly prohibited firearms process there was also an amnesty option on the possession of prohibited firearms, parts and magazines which will continue until December 20.

"This includes the ability to anonymously hand in any firearms no questions asked.


"You can also hand in any non-prohibited firearms that you no longer want to keep.

"The amnesty option is not covered by payments under the buy-back option.

"An anecdotal story to come out of a recent local collection point in Wellington is of an 87-year-old man who surrendered an AK47 which had been in his home for a number of years.

"Apparently no questions were asked."

The former Whitireia campus is located at 9 Milne Drive, off Kāpiti Rd, Paraparaumu.