Kāpiti Coast Youth Council co-ordinator Ella Kirby writes about a mural project at Otaihanga Domain

A splash of colour has appeared in Otaihanga Domain, thanks to the work of some young people from across the coast.

The Kāpiti Coast Youth Council partnered with local artist Theo Arraj to bring the two public toilets of the domain to life with vibrant New Zealand flora and fauna.

Theo has been brightening up the lower North Island with his creative designs and unique style, as is evident through his well-known works at Māoriland Hub, Kāpiti Lights, and many more previously blank canvases.


The Kāpiti Coast Youth Council worked with Theo and four students from Paraparaumu College to spark the concepts for the project at Otaihanga Domain that are now a reality.
Kāpiti Coast Youth Council member and Zeal volunteer Hannah Neal has really enjoyed being apart of the process, from ideas on a whiteboard to the actual painting in the last few weekends of June.

"Being at the painting days was special because it just goes to show how hard work can pay off and the connections you can make along the way are worthwhile.

"It gives a real sense of we can achieve anything we put our minds to."

Both of the blocks on opposite ends on Otaihanga complement each other, the paintings themselves being given many compliments and have been well received by the public.

Brightly coloured toilet block on the eastern side of Otaihanga Domain. Photo / David Haxton
Brightly coloured toilet block on the eastern side of Otaihanga Domain. Photo / David Haxton

The overwhelming support and encouragement from all the passersby over the weekends is something the painters are extremely grateful to the community for.

Volunteer from Zeal Kāpiti Daniel Deadman said, "It's such great validation hearing the positive comments, makes you feel like what you're doing is really worthwhile."

The young people from the Kāpiti Coast Youth Council, Zeal Kāpiti and Paraparaumu College are extremely proud of their work and glad both pieces will be completed for the Kāpiti Coast community, for their friends and whānau to enjoy in the domain's peak season, summer.