Being pampered and uplifted for a day is a foreign concept for Sarah Yuile.

Chosen as the recipient of a community makeover organised by business woman Renee McNeil, Sarah had her hair, brows, lashes and make-up done and was fitted with a new dress by Jessica Kumar from clothing boutique BE U.

Pampered for a day, Sarah was showered with love by a group of local business owners who used their skills to give Sarah an experience she will long remember.

Along with being physically made over, the occasion was documented by Dejane Viviers of Viviers Photography who took professional photographs with the help of stylist Georgina Simpson who made the celebration at Pram Beach afterwards extra special with a balloon garland and flowers from Posybloom Boutique.


"The whole day was amazing. Everyone made me feel incredibly welcome," Sarah said.

"I was pretty blown away when I found out I was nominated. It was not expected and I'm incredibly grateful."

Nominated by friends, it took courage for Sarah to step out and have the makeover.


"I'm actually a bit of an introvert so this was out of my comfort zone but everyone was so sweet and friendly and made it such an amazing day."

Having had a tough background herself, Renee started the makeovers after coming out on the other side of domestic violence and illness to run three successful businesses.

"I wanted to give a makeover to a deserving woman within the Kāpiti community.

"Someone who thinks of others over themselves, somebody that's been through or is a going through a rough time and would like to be pampered and uplifted."

What stood out to Renee when looking through the nominations, was despite going through a lot, Sarah is giving back to the community, starting up a local branch of the charity Little Sprouts.


Having a daughter at a young age, Sarah was on her own for the early years of her daughter's life and worked for IHC which eventually led to a lot of stress.

"I loved my job but there was a lot of stress and I got burnt out," Sarah said.

Getting Graves' disease and postnatal depression after having her second child, Sarah now manages Little Sprouts Kāpiti which creates 'free life-changing baby packs to families in real need'.

Spending her time running the charity and helping out families in vulnerable situations, Sarah was the perfect candidate, Renee said.

"A lot of us who work in the not for profit area or are doing things for other people, we don't tend to put a lot of time into looking after ourselves.

"Being nominated kind of forces you and gives you a day which is about you — which is amazing."

"She was very deserving of the makeover," Renee said.

"All the girls put everything into it.

"It's all volunteer and done by women who own businesses in our community who want to give back."

The makeover was made possible thanks to Jessica Kumar at BE U, Dejane Viviers of ViviersPhotography, Renee McNeil Salon Consultant, Georgina Simpson Stratoshere Styling, Posybloom Boutique, Kayla Stephanie Brows and Lashes, Pram Beach and Kristine Chapman for design and graphics.