Improvements to the congestion-prone Ratanui Rd / Mazengarb Rd intersection in Paraparaumu could be fast-tracked.

A report to tomorrow's Kāpiti Coast District Council's operations and finance committee meeting recommends council accelerate the intersection's improvements and start the project soon.

Access and transport manager Glen O'Connor said the improvements included "the installation of a roundabout along with footpath upgrades and improved pedestrian crossing points estimated to be in the order of $750,000".

The improvements would have a significant benefit with regard to reduced travel time and congestion and the improved pedestrian crossing points and footpath upgrades would also provide for a safer environment for both pedestrians and motorists.


"Congestion around this intersection continues to increase, leading to longer travel times and delays, whilst increasing the safety issues, although there have been no major incidents at the site in recent years.

"When exiting from Ratanui Rd onto Mazengarb Rd the traffic queues can be in excess of 200 metres resulting in delays of up to 10-15 minutes.

"This intersection is a major connection in our roading network including access from Waikanae for the many vehicles travelling from Waikanae to the nearby Paraparaumu College.

"There are also very limited pedestrian crossing points and a lack of adequate footpath at the intersection currently.

"Ease of movement around the district is one of the Access and Transport activity areas current key performance measures which has continued to be below target over the last 18 months, with residents expressing concern over travel delays and congestion."

The upgrade had been earmarked for the 2018/19 financial year but funding pressures had deferred it to the 2020/21 financial year.

But some additional NZ Transport Agency subsidy has been secured towards safety and resilience projects meaning an opportunity to accelerate the intersection project.

"The additional NZTA subsidy will help accelerate the proposed intersection improvement works earlier than planned.


"There still however remains a shortfall in overall funding which is proposed to be met from the current SH1 revocation budget.

"Due to delays in starting the revocation works some funding can be allocated to the intersection upgrade and paid back to the project in 2020/21 from the intersection upgrade budget with no impact on the overall project."