Raumati Beach Village's beloved ginger cat, B'Elanna has passed away.

Wandering the streets of Raumati Beach Village since its owners moved to the village 18 months ago, the 18-year-old cat has been a constant source of affection in the village, befriending the whole community, even earning his own Facebook page, The B'Elanna Chronicles.

With people joking about him being the mayor of the village, B'Elanna ruled the streets during his short time in Raumati.

"B'Elanna made himself at home in Raumati Village quite quickly," said owner Jo Fothergill.

What's on the menu?
What's on the menu?

"B'Elanna was named by my daughter Emma Fothergill who lives in China but is currently home on holiday and had the chance to have lots of cuddles with B'Elanna before this happened.

"We're all upset as you can imagine.

"He's been a real fixture in the village and for many families in the area."

B'Elanna was a regular in the shops and cafes, making his home wherever he felt comfortable.

Sitting on the footpath, B'Elanna was hit by a car making a u-turn on Sunday and passed away.

As a teacher at Raumati Beach School, Jo said, "I've been touched by lots of hugs from parents and kids alike.

"His death was talked about in a number of classes at school this morning, from the 5-year-olds to some Year 7 and 8 classes."

More than 400 people reacted to a post on a community Facebook page informing of B'Elanna's passing with many commenting their sadness at hearing the news and posting their own pictures of B'Elanna.

"We're so grateful to the people who helped him, especially Barney Shiels-Reddin from Reddin's who loved B'Elanna like his own cat."