The Kāpiti i-SITE visitor centre is closing due to low customer numbers visiting or using the site's services.

The service is no longer financially sustainable with council planning to close the premise before the end of the current financial year.

Place and Space group manager James Jefferson said monitored service usage over the past few months shows the operating model of the site in the Coastlands complex is not financially sustainable and is not a good use of ratepayers' funds.

"We are now working through a range of things with the staff at the i-SITE.


"That includes involving them in the discussions to identify the best way for some of the current services to be provided in the council's existing structure in the future."

The i-SITE visitor centre provides national, regional and local information as well as bookings for transport, accommodation and activities.

Council will also be talking with customers and other stakeholders in the district to help inform decisions about what services need to be maintained and how best to deliver them.

Kāpiti is not alone with declining usage becoming a trend for i-SITEs of a similar size and nature as the Kāpiti i-SITE around the country.