Father Christmas is taking time out of his busy schedule to make a special visit to Paraparaumu Beach on Friday.

The bearded man will be touching down at Lew and Denise Davis' 57 Donovan Rd property at 8.30pm before meeting fans in their front yard.

The couple have been advised Father Christmas will have treats with him to give to children who have been good.

It's the 15th year the couple have created their public Christmas display which has become a must-see for locals as well as people from around the world.


"It brings a lot of pleasure to the community," Denise said.

"Cars pull up and kids run in and say 'I remember that one from last year'.

"They love the sleigh — that's the hit.

"They can sit in it and press a button."

The annual display started years ago when they went to a Boxing Day sale and bought a box of Christmas lights.

"Then we started creating Christmas displays and building on it."

The couple complement each other, with Denise using her craft skills and Lew his mechanical engineering and electronic background.

The wonderland, which takes a few weeks to set up, comprises 110 low-volt electric motors running various Christmas-themed attractions.

"There's about 15 major displays," Lew said.

Each year a new project is added to the wonderland and this year it's a Christmas photoshoot gallery featuring a snowman and an elf, which the couple are pictured in.

There's also a donation box where people can put in a gold coin or a $5 note with all proceeds directed to the Child Cancer Foundation.

Coins thrown into a wishing well are also given to the foundation.

The foundation has recently given them a certificate of appreciation for the collection initiative, which has raised many thousands of dollars over the years.

People can visit the Davis' front yard from 8pm until late between now and Boxing Day