A Paraparaumu Beach woman is in shock after a motorist rear-ended her car, causing extensive damage, and then fleeing the scene.

On Thursday just before 8am Julie Dreyer was driving towards the beach in Kapiti Rd, Paraparaumu.

She went through the first set of traffic lights and then stopped at the second set under the expressway overbridge.

"The light went green and I was just about to move when I felt this smash, this big shunt and I heard a crash.


"I thought 'oh no, I think I've hit the car in front', but I looked forward and everyone was moving on.

"Then I looked at the back of me and there were no cars behind."

Julie's back window was completely smashed, with the whole back of her car pushed in.

Julie Dreyer's car after a hit and run in Kapiti Rd.
Julie Dreyer's car after a hit and run in Kapiti Rd.

"I was in shock, I was shaking, I just knew my car was damaged and all the other cars around kept continuing down Kapiti Rd.

"I was in a state of shock. I just looked down the road and thought it's one of them, but I had no idea which one."

Julie, from Paraparaumu Beach, had no idea what had hit her.

It wasn't until Max Biles who witnessed the accident, got off his motorbike and came over to check on her that she found out she had been hit by a white, flat deck ute that had continued driving off down Kapiti Rd before turning onto Te Roto Drive.

"Just before 8am I witnessed a hit and run crash on Kapiti Rd just by the expressway southbound off ramp traffic lights," Max said.

"A white ute with a flat deck, and I think without deck sides, travelling towards Paraparaumu Beach rear ended a stationary dark red Mazda 2, shunting it forward at least a car length and then carried on driving towards Paraparaumu Beach."

"Thank goodness Max came to my aid, helping me safely cross the road, getting my car off the lanes, making sure I was okay and ringing the police as well," Julie said.

"I've had hundreds of people offering support after I posted on Facebook asking for witnesses.

"Some people have offered me use of their cars and rides to work and I have been given the use of a relative's car for the next few months."

Julie is calling for anyone who saw the accident to contact police so the person can be prosecuted and stop it happening again.

"They need to be prosecuted.

"They've committed an offence Why should I be out of pocket for $500 (for her insurance excess) and without a car until February?

"I'm shattered. I haven't slept much since.

"I'm very sad, I'm very angry.

"My car was only a year old but the biggest thing is that I could have been seriously hurt.

"You have to be so careful on the roads but you can't rely on some others out there to drive safely."