A heart-warming example of community kindness has been displayed by a young lad from Paraparaumu Beach School, north of Wellington.

Jamie Brown, 11, has spent countless hours over nearly two years visiting an elderly woman which led to a firm friendship between young and old.

As part of a school Pride Challenge project, one of the tasks was to give time to an elderly person and visit them for six weeks.

His mother contacted Kena Kena Rest Home and asked if Jamie might enhance the life of one or more of its residents.


The rest home was keen and put Jamie in touch with elderly couple Ron and Norma Hudson.

It was arranged that Jamie would go to the rest home each Sunday and spend some time with the couple in the morning.

Sadly Ron, 88, passed away in April last year, not long after the weekly visits started, but Jamie continued to see Norma most Sunday mornings for about an hour.

For nearly two years Jamie has visited Norma and a strong bond was created between them.

Jamie would talk about what had been happening in his life, he would listen to Norma talk about her life, and he would play Norma some songs on his guitar.

"I would always ask how she was, would keep her up to date with what I had been doing, and would ask her a few questions about what life was like in the olden days.

"She always had a good story to tell.

"I brought my guitar in several times to play for her and she really enjoyed it.


"Before I left after each visit she would always say 'I've got something for you' and it might be a haircomb, a water bottle, a jigsaw puzzle, even a mandarin.

"Norma was always cheerful and I always felt comfortable talking to her."

This month Norma passed away aged 92 and Jamie attended her funeral at Kapiti Coast Funeral Home.

"Norma's family knew me and made me feel welcome.

"She was always talking about me and always had something to tell them."

He also had a chat to one of the rest home's staff members.

"She always cleaned Norma's room when I was there and really liked the songs I played like Stand by Me."

Jamie encouraged other young people to visit elderly people.

"It's a good experience.

"There's lots of elderly who don't have many family around them so it would be a nice thing to do."

Paraparaumu Beach School principal Jess Ward said the school was "enormously proud of Jamie".

"His kindness and selflessness enabled a friendship spanning the generations to grow.

"The beauty of kindness can be found in its simplicity which makes it a commodity we should all trade in."