Walking through Paraparaumu College's newly renovated administration block, the footprint is the same but it's had a drastic reconfiguration.

Construction work started in February by Peryer Construction with Re-Design architects creating the designs.

With the completion goal the last week of term three, the block has taken only a few days longer to complete and will be fully operational before the new school term begins next week.

Last week a kawanga whare, a pre-dawn blessing ceremony, was held at the college led by kaumātua Don Te Maipi.


Don explained to everyone who braved the early 6.30am start that the traditional pre-dawn blessing ceremony is about promoting wellbeing.

With the administration block being the heart of the school including the principal, assistants, administrators and deans offices, the sick bay, main school office and staff room, the design of the building makes the staff more accessible to students.

Executive officer Chloe Kasoulides said, "I've been blown away by what they've been able to do on the inside when it was really the outside that needed to be fixed."

A leaking roof was the issue to begin with however the construction has included an overhaul inside complete with new carpet, trophy cabinets and soundproofed walls.

"I think it looks wonderful and it's going to be a great place to be working out of," said Paraparaumu College principal's assistant Cathy Lawry.

"It's all about inclusion.

"The accessibility is very important especially with how schools work in this day and age, we are now more accessible to both the kids and the parents.

"Having Craig Steed [principal] and the assistant principals closer to where the students come and go, they will now be more interactive and accessible.


"It's not just about the learning but about being interactive."

The college has three more building projects on the cards with the next upgrade being the cultural centre next year.