A woman is being praised online for stopping traffic in Porirua and helping eight ducklings and their mother waddle across the road.

Emily Ngatoko Hana took matters into her own hands after seeing the flock of ducks on Warspite Ave attempting to cross the busy road.

After driving past and her daughter spotting the ducks, Hana drove to the roundabout and turned around to lend a helping hand.

"I went onto the wrong side of the road and held up the traffic. I got my niece to stop the other side of traffic and people just let us go through. It was fantastic.


"One of the babies couldn't jump onto the footpath so I picked one up and helped it along," Hana told the Herald.

She is filmed acknowledging stopped cars with a thumbs up before shepherding the ducks across the road.

Hana said she thanked all of the drivers afterwards for stopping, and has been amazed by how much traction the video has received.

The video has been surging online and has been seen by over 5000 people since being posted on Monday.

"There are people out there who care, mate ... I was happy [to help the ducks]," Hana said.