Olive and Flynn Kitney ran in, followed by their father, Scott Kitney, throwing two well-loved toys upon the table — Rabby the rabbit and Monkey the monkey.

They look like the kind of toys that have been to the moon and back — not sparkling and shiny like an iPad but slightly off colour and warn out.

Exceptionally well loved, these toys have inspired Rabby and Monkey's Adventure, a book written by nine-year-old Olive and turned into a hardcover book by her software developer father Scott.

Almost two years ago the story was written by Olive as part of a homework exercise.


"It was a homework writing exercise that evolved into a story board," Scott said.

Olive created a story of friendship, adventure and the quest for food taken by Rabby and Monkey, who end up on a journey that takes them far away from home.

The book was originally based on a true story, with the tale of Rabby and Monkey becoming friends and going on adventures together reflecting Olive and Flynn's adventures together.

"Monkey was found in a bookstore and was given to Flynn as a baby, and Rabby already existed as Olive was given that when she was young and so they became friends as their owners grew up.

"The kitchen in the book is the same kitchen the kids grew up in when they were little," he said.

The book was illustrated by Scott, who has grand plans to get a kickstarter campaign going so that they can publish more of the books for others.

"We showed lots of people the book and they liked it, so we thought we'd print some more."

In addition to selling the book the family is also planning on giving a copy of the book to a children's hospital for every book they sell.

"All the copies we originally printed have gone now.

"They've been given away so we decided that we will try and publish more.

For every copy of the book that we sell we will be donating a copy of the book to a children's hospital, some to Wellington, Starship in Auckland and a bunch in America and Canada that we have connections with.

"It just seemed like a nice idea.

"We have lots of plans for the kickstarter campaign and thought it would be nice for this to be part of it."