New Zealand Post is moving out of the combined Paraparaumu NZ Post & Kiwibank branch at Coastlands Mall.

After the success of other standalone Kiwibank branches in Hamilton and Auckland CBD, the Paraparaumu branch is following suit with NZ Post services going elsewhere although it is not known when the move will be taking place.

Successfully introducing the standalone model in 2016, Kiwibank is bringing the model to Paraparaumu, working towards creating a more specialised banking service.

Focusing on an innovative customer experience and strong brand presence in Paraparaumu, the postal services will be moving out as soon as NZ Post has found a local partner to help deliver postal services in Paraparaumu.


Since announcing the Kiwibank would be a standalone service in October last year NZ Post are yet to announce a partner to provide their services.

"While we are not yet at the stage where we are able to confirm this partner, we can say that postal services and bill payments will continue to be available to the Kāpiti community," a NZ Post spokesperson said.

"We will provide an update on this when we can, but until then we'd like to reassure the community that until then there will be no changes to the services that are currently available at Paraparaumu NZ Post & Kiwibank."

Kiwibank general manager of retail distribution Geoff Waller said, "We know our customer needs are changing, and it's important we have the right environment for conversations and to keep providing our unique customer service experience.

"We've seen great results already from our two existing Kiwibank standalone sites, and we're excited to bring this model to Paraparaumu."

The move is happening across the country with postal services moving into businesses such as bookshops, stationery shops, and pharmacies.

Locally the options are the Foursquares in Raumati Beach and Raumati South, Moby Dickens' Bookshop, in Paraparaumu Beach, and the combined NZ Post & Kiwibank branches in Waikanae and Ōtaki.

NZ Post has a deed with the Government, a legal arrangement which sets out certain obligations for NZ Post's operations.

The deed states NZ Post shall maintain throughout New Zealand a network of at least 880 service points at which customers can purchase basic postal services.

However, that network can include service points in other businesses and self-service kiosks.

They do, however, have to maintain at least 240 service points where personal assistance is available for additional postal services which will be reduced from three down to two points in Kāpiti when the Paraparaumu branch becomes a standalone Kiwibank.