It's not every day a group of 28 students are given the opportunity to be flown up to Auckland on an all-expenses paid trip to perform in a charity concert.

A group of inspiring young women from Paraparaumu College are heading to Auckland at the end of the school term to perform with SOUL, a charity based in Auckland which stands for Sources of Unconditional Love.

Founded in 2015, the charity encourages young women to live prejudice free and to feel safe in their skins.

It provides teenage girls with the opportunity to become a member of a group that is passionate about equality and instills acceptance of others with unconditional love, sharing positive, thought provoking messages that redefines acceptance of others.


Holding groups and events such as SOULcircles and SOULsquads throughout the year, the charity is fully funded by sponsors and donors who believe in this vision.

Last year Paraparaumu College sent a group of six young women leaders the school identified as influential in the creative arts to perform as part of The Voices of our SOUL.

The Voices of our SOUL is a creative performance by schools from around the country that come together to create a performance that reinforces the positive and empowering movement that SOUL is, and to perform them in a one-off annual performance.

This year a 'super squad' of 28 girls are involved with all expenses paid for by the charity, reinforcing the inclusive vision of the charity that no one misses out.

"It's about building each other up, feeling safe in their own skin, finding ways to break prejudice and so on," said extra-curricular arts director Clare Thorley.

"Already the girls are embracing what SOUL is about, there's been a shift in the girls attending, stepping out with more ideas."

Student leader Noa Grinberg said, "Our theme is pride in ourselves and who you are.

"We have different people from different backgrounds and countries and I think that already a lot of the girls have come out of their comfort zone and embraced what SOUL is about.

"It's such a diverse group."

Having been one of the six who went last year Noa is looking forward to seeing her fellow students be inspired like she was last year.

"I can't express in words what I felt last year, everyone who is there is there for the same reason, it's so inspiring," she said.

The group is performing on July 6 at Bruce Mason Theatre, Takapuna.

They will perform a five minute uplifting, creative performance in front of the other schools and the public as part of a performance that reflects what the group has learnt throughout the process.