Well-known New Zealand singer Tina Cross is one the performers taking part in the Kiwi Legends in Concert fundraiser.

The concert, at the Southward Theatre on June 30 is raising funds for the Kāpiti Performing Arts Centre which is being built now.

Cross was looking forward to performing again with her friend Ray Woolf as well as Dennis Marsh, Paul Ubana Jones, Sam Manzanza and Andrew London who she hadn't performed with.

"We have such a depth of talent in New Zealand both established and up and coming and it is not often that veteran artists like ourselves get the chance to share the stage together these days, and for such a great cause.


"It's important to remember too, that we entertainers had support in our early days and being able to pay it forward by supporting Kāpiti College, Paraparaumu College as well as the Kāpiti community, is something that I consider a privilege.

"I attended Penrose High School, now One Tree Hill College, in Auckland in the 1970s and I was very much into music productions as well as being a member of the school band.

"It would have been incredible to have state of the art rehearsal/training spaces and performance theatres both large and intimate, as will be provided by the Kāpiti Performing Arts Centre.

"This is truly a great example for the rest New Zealand to up the performing arts game in their communities."

She said the performing arts centre would be worth every cent.

"To also house Coastlands Theatre, a state-of-the-art drama/music performance venue with great acoustics and lighting is every performers dream.

"A 400-plus theatre is perfect — not too big, not too small and of course there will be an intimate performance space which will take about 100 people.

"Add to this rehearsal spaces, teaching classrooms, offices and cafes, I would say that Kāpiti College will be a thriving environment and that community performing arts opportunities will double.


"This performing arts centre is brilliant not only for the students of both Kāpiti and Paraparaumu Colleges but also other schools/theatre groups/bands and in fact anyone who is after a great experience.

"I'm thinking of suggesting to The Lady Killers that we hire the space for a performance when the facility is up and running."

She was also looking forward to connecting with Roger Booth "not only for this concert but also because I will be doing my thing for the Kapiti Kids Motivational Trust that week also".

"It will be a big week on the coast.

"Roger is one of best advocates I know for youth motivation and performing arts in all forms.

"He's a top bloke."

Cross already has some of her song list for the concert sorted.

"I will definitely perform two of my originals, both written to help raise awareness of family violence and child abuse.

"As a Women's Refuge ambassador and a kaitiaki waiata for Shine, I wholeheartedly support their work throughout New Zealand.

"I quite fancy playing ukulele. In fact I have four ukes , a well kept secret.
"I will try and travel at least two ukes for the show.

"I have a number of songs that are well known that I think the audience will appreciate but I won't make my mind as to which extra three songs I will sing until the week of the performance.

"I find that I get a feel for the what the audience would like to hear a week or so out from the show."

Cross was looking forward to playing at the museum's theatre for the first time.

"My husband Wayne is a mad car fanatic and I may have to talk him in to flying down to see the car museum which I have heard is one of the best in the country, and to see the show of course."

Tickets to the Kiwi Legends in Concert go to www.eventfinda.co.nz