A trio of students and a local business are the key players behind the new Power-Up breakfast club being introduced at Paraparaumu College.

College community captains Ashlee Lynch, Lili Finlay and Jess Smith were concerned that a former breakfast club that had been at the college for a few years fizzled out last year.

"There are a lot of kids in the school who aren't eating breakfast for whatever reasons," Ashlee said.

The former club ran from 8am to 8.30am in a classroom, but the students who needed it weren't getting to college at that time, a roster system wasn't working well and there was also a bit of stigma about going to the breakfast classroom.


"So we thought of getting an alternative where instead of going to a classroom, the food would be handed out to the people we know need it or we know aren't getting breakfast," Ashlee said.

When year 12 dean Ian Rudd heard the captains' concerns, he knew a couple who might be able to help out , namely Assess It director John Wilson and wife Steph Wilson.

He mentioned it to Mr Wilson and the students followed it up with an email outlining the Power-Up breakfast project.

After a meeting, where the captains' impressed with their thoughts, the couple were keen to get involved.

"We like to support the community where we can," Steph said.

The company will supply breakfast items such as cereal, energy bars and breakfast drinks which will be distributed via the college deans and guidance counsellor Jules Esther.

"The people who need it will know where to go," noted Lili.

"It's a high decile school but there are a number of students who go without," Jules said.

"This is a really good undercover way to get kids to have some food because we know that students learn better when they've got food in their belly, and their behaviour is better as well."

"Massive thanks to John and Steph from Assess It," Ian said.

"They have shown fantastic support for this college but also the community in general."