Raumati Beach School and Paraparaumu Beach School, north of Wellington, have been closed for the day because of heavy rain.

Flooding was gumboot deep in parts of both schools but there didn't seem to be any internal damage to buildings.

Raumati Beach School principal Mike Farrelly said work to address drainage issues was expected to start in the upcoming school holidays.

The flooding was the worst he had seen since four years ago.


At Paraparaumu Beach School flooding was getting very close to the staffroom but fortunately there was a break in the weather and the drainage system worked well.

Meanwhile, it was the second time in recent weeks parts of Nathan Ave, Paraparaumu Beach, had been affected by flooding.

Police cordon off Nathan Ave because of flooding

The first was a day after ex tropical Cyclone Gita which caused flooding to at least three homes.

This morning it was a similar situation.

A resident who had lived in the street for 10 years believed the flooding was because of a blocked stormwater pipe.

The street was cordoned off by police.

There was surface flooding in various other parts of the Kapiti district.

Heavy rain was expected throughout the day.