A popular and well-known cafe in Waikanae has new owners who will be striving to maintain its reputation.

Relish cafe, in a cosy 1923 built house in Elizabeth St, has been owned and operated by Anne and Alan McNair for 15 years.

But at Christmas both decided it was time to focus on other things.

"We had come to the end of our run and were sort of retiring," Anne said.


When Ian Williams and Damien Adams heard the cafe might be closing they approached Anne and Alan about taking it over.

"We had heard through the grapevine that they were closing so we decided that we would approach them and see if it was true," Ian said.

"And it was, so we negotiated a price and then purchased it.

"We've had great support from the locals.

"And we're keeping all the recipes and we've kept on three of their staff."

Anne said, "We've had a lovely 15 years and absolutely adored our customers and we've been lucky to have the loveliest staff".

The cafe had been operating for six months before Anne and Alan bought it all those years ago.

"We had always loved the location when we came to visit my mother and thought it would make an ideal cafe.

"We drove past one day and it had a sold sign on it and then about two weeks later there was a 'cafe opening soon' sign on it and we thought we had missed our opportunity.

"But then six months later the owners decided it wasn't for them and it came up for sale so we bought it."

She was delighted to see the cafe continue.

"It's nice to see it kept going."