A series of pilot workshops spearheaded by two Kapiti Coasters with a long-standing passion for basketball will focus on fitness and life skills for young people.

Angelo Robinson and Johny Godinet have set up Next Level LifeFitness.

"We believe that a new and unique way of connecting with our youth is a priority given all of the ongoing challenges that youth are faced with in today's society," Godinet said.

"Our workshops will focus on infusing exercise with communication, education, activity and fun."


The workshops will cater for youngsters - targeted age bracket is 10,11 and 12 - from all backgrounds including those not involved in sports.

The first workshop is during the second week of the school holidays at Kapiti College - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - from 9.30am to 1.30pm.

The cost is $150 per child for a three-day workshop. Children must attend the full three days.

"To ensure all kids get the opportunity to register we are seeking local likeminded business owners as corporate sponsors," Godinet said.

"Businesses can sponsor as many kids as they like.

"We believe that locals for locals is the only way moving forward and would like all kids to get an opportunity to register.

"This will be made possible by the generous businesses of Kapiti."

The workshops, which will incorporate all facets of fitness along with life skills, will have limited numbers to ensure they are able to connect with each child individually and have the desired impact from the workshop.

To sponsor children for the upcoming Next Level LifeFitness workshop go to the Facebook page Next Level LifeFitness and message Godinet or Robinson who will make contact to start the process. Alternatively email likenextlevel@gmail.com

The pair will communicate via the Next Level LifeFitness FaceBook page for registration and updates.