Wedding preparations are notoriously challenging, but this collossal confection from Kapiti really does take the cake.

Kapiti Cakes and Bakery had two weeks to plan, prep and create its biggest and most challenging cake so far.

The 24-tier wedding cake was ordered this month and, made over the course of a week, comprised four different flavours.

Adorned with hearts and made of mud, banana, Madeira and carrot cakes, the classic-styled creation included 24 tiers in honour of the bride's 24th birthday the day before her wedding.


"We had two weeks notice and started to source the materials straight away, as it's a challenge to get such a large quantity of pillars in the right colour," cake masterhand and Kapiti Cakes and Bakery owner Thomas Thomas said.

"We had to let the cake settle so it'd hold up when we assembled it.

"It certainly was the biggest cake the team at Kapiti Cakes has produced."

Thomas estimated the cake took 80 eggs, 3kg of butter, 8kg of flour, 6kg of sugar and 2l of milk.

The structure, which was the result of experimentation, incorporated different sized cakes including 17 smaller ones which went to guests.

"I enjoyed seeing the end result and the mother of the bride happy when we delivered it and set it up. "

A cake of this size usually retails for in excess of $4000 depending on detail, lead time and cake size.

Thomas said the couple were private people and would not want to be identified.