Two men enrolled with Paraparaumu's Idea Services division are set to engage in what is hoped to be a life changing physical activity course next month.

The Outward Bound Horizons course, which is designed specifically for people with intellectual disabilities, will see Paraparaumu Beach's David Ledingham and Robert Coley of Levin spend seven days alongside 10 other attendees from all across New Zealand.

It was the first time local members of Idea Services had been invited to participate in the course, which will run from Friday, October 7, to Friday, October 14.

Idea Services outcomes facilitator Denise Newton said the course, which was fully funded by the Ministry of Social Development, was an amazing opportunity for the two men, who would try their hand at a range of physical activities.


"It's a fantastic opportunity for them and we're about as excited as they are."

Set in the Marlborough Sounds, and also boasting a course designed for people with physical disabilities, Outward Bound's activities included sailing, a high ropes course and kayaking.

Kathy Leach, services manager for Idea Service's Supported Living, said as well as pushing the men past their comfort zones, it was anticipated the course would motivate them to try new experiences at home.

"The whole process with Outward Bound has been a dream.

"They're so helpful.

"It also helps that it's fully funded, including their ferry transport."

Assisting Mr Ledingham and Mr Coley on the course would be two on-site support workers and three Outward Bound instructors.

According to Outward Bound New Zealand, the Horizons course aimed to break misconceptions surrounding attendees' limitations, while testing their boundaries.

Mr Ledingham, who was looking forward to kayaking, anticipated fulfilling his goal of sailing as part of the course.

Mr Coley was most excited to try the high ropes and rock climbing and said the experience would help to boost his self-confidence.

"We're the guinea pigs," said the photography enthusiast, who planned to capture the adventure on camera to share with his friends back home.

"I'm a bit nervous but there won't be any bad parts - except not being allowed our phones."