Sudanese-American artist Oddisee takes five to answer 10 ahead of this week's New Zealand shows.

1. Describe yourself as an artist in one sentence.

Consistently educational & entertaining.

2. Why is music such a strong format for exploring political issues?


Anything in the form of song is easier to digest. We learn maths & the alphabet to music because it helps us remember. Our brains are wired to have a deeper connection to things presented in melody.

3. What is one key message you hope fans come away from your shows with?

I have no message I want people to leave with. I want people to leave with a feeling. My band & I are looking to use the live platform to be personal & share an emotional experience.

4. Will you be performing new music in New Zealand?

I'll be performing music that covers my entire catalog. Although the music isn't new, it's been reworked to feel new.

5. You're playing in Queenstown and Havelock North as well as some main centres. What is it about those towns that appeals as venues?

To be honest, we go where we're booked. That question would better be asked by the venues that take on our shows. Often times we're introduced to cities due to being brought there.

6. You once tweeted that Auckland is home of your favourite clothing brand and favourite coffee. Is that still the case?

Absolutely. I Love Ugly is still a brand I support & New Zealand has some of the best baristas on earth.


7. What's your favourite memory of your time in New Zealand?

Taking my fiancé, now wife to Piha beach for a walk around.

8. If you had one wish that would come true, what would it be?

To continue making music for a living the rest of my life.

9. You can only have one album on your device. What is it?

Marvin Gaye - I Want You. I connect with that album so much.


10. You're curating a festival with a dream line-up. Who's on the bill, alive or dead?

The Roots
Tribe Called Quest
Little Brother
Oddisee & Good Compny

Oddisee puts on an MC/DJ set at Queenstown's Yonder tonight, December 6 and Havelock North's Black Barn Bistro this Sunday. Oddisee & Good Compny, supported by Olivier St Louis and Melodownz, play Auckland's Powerstation on Friday night, December 7 and Wellington's San Fran on Saturday.