Anna Cudby is willing to become a human billboard for up to five months so she can repay a $25,000 student loan.

The former Central Hawke's Bay College student, who finishes a three-year bachelor of communication degree at Massey University next month, posted a listing on Trade Me offering to sell advertising space on a T-shirt to be worn "24/7".

Businesses wanting to take advantage of the idea could pay $5000 a month for her to wear their logo or design.

A Facebook page would be created so Ms Cudby could upload a new picture of herself wearing the T-shirt every day.


She was also open to going the extra mile to become a "brand mascot".

"Businesses can make this 'mobile T-shirt marketing' suit their own needs.

"For example, if you're a nightclub I can attend events or if you're an airline and you want to fly me to new destinations, that could be arranged too. This idea has been crafted around trying to actively and innovatively use my marketing degree, to not only sell and craft an idea but to see it out as well.

"I want this to work as much as the winning bidder will so I can add it to my CV and hopefully find a marketing job."

Though Ms Cudby has put her own spin on the concept, she took inspiration from others who had thought up creative ways to make money.

"I did a bit of my own research and heard about the woman who got a tattoo on her bum, the Brazilian girl who sold her virginity for $950,000, and a guy who sold the right to his middle name.

"I had to come up with something new, an idea that would not be frowned upon by my parents.

"If I am at a wedding or a funeral I will be wearing it, and I will be tagged in every photo I post on Facebook, so it will get quite a bit of exposure."

The auction closes on Wednesday, November 7.