Electra lineworker Daniel Burt says managing Covid-19 has been like working on a power line during a storm – riskier but you put controls in place to limit the risk.

One of the hardest things for the Burt family during lockdown was preventing Blair, 10, and Eila, 6, from running to their dad, Daniel, for a cuddle when he arrived home from work.

A family hug at the end of a workday was a highlight for Daniel but one of the protocols as an Electra linesman and working out in the community was maintaining strict hygiene. Once the overalls had been taken off and he'd had a shower, normal family life could resume.

Daniel said you take these sorts of things for granted but the girls understood how important hygiene was and the need to protect their bubble. They also knew it was for the "greater good" and that it wouldn't last forever. Having their nanna, who is a nurse, working on the frontline in a rest home also brought home the importance to them of stopping the spread of Covid-19.


Daniel said working in the community fixing power lines and carrying out critical work during Covid-19 was like working on a fault during a storm: there is increased risk but you put controls in place to limit that risk and do the best you can.

"Electra was excellent during this time, we had all of the personal protection equipment we needed and very clear instructions about what we could and couldn't do. The flow of communication from management to us was great and we felt very supported. We worked in small dedicated bubbles of four, which didn't change during lockdown, and we were restricted to one person to a vehicle."

Daniel said that on the rare occasion they had to enter someone's home to test a line, every precaution was taken to maintain the integrity of both bubbles, and people were understanding and positive.

Wife Ashleigh has been working from home during the lockdown, managing a full workload in her job as human resources adviser while keeping the children fed, busy and happy.

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"The kids have been truly awesome. Blair had her 10th birthday in lockdown and while missing her friends and a traditional birthday party, we all made the best of it. The girls have been self-sufficient, which has enabled me to keep working.

"In saying that, if they needed me, I would stop working and be a mum. After the first week we stopped worrying so much about schooling and just let things be. We're a happy unit and we've all pulled together as a team to get through."

- supplied by Electra