Too much time on your hands and resorting to Facebook or similar platforms for entertainment? Be careful what you share. Many games offered online are ways for other to a assume your identity or garner plenty of information on you they can use later to scam you.

Some of the Facebook posts you comment on asking questions such as, "What was your favorite teacher's name? Who was your 1st grade teacher? Who was your childhood best friend? What was your first car?" etc.

Do these questions sound familiar? They should. These are the same questions you are asked as security questions when setting up bank accounts and credit card accounts.

When answering these questions and posting them, you are giving out answers to your security questions that you may be using without realising it. Hackers are setting these up as a "get to know each other better" game on Facebook.


Asking for your 100th picture is another one. You may know that your pictures may have geolocation turned on so people will know exactly where you took that picture.

They can then build a profile of you and use this information to hack your accounts or open up new lines of credit in your name. Not all of these on Facebook are scams.

However, it is best to remain vigilant and refrain from participating in such activities as there is no way to tell which ones may have been created by scammers.

Also make sure to check your photos published to Facebook as they too can have identifiable information. An example would be a picture of your college degree or your kid's degree.

Look at it from the perspective of a criminal - they're ruthless and don't care what's going on in the world.

Other scams include a fake Facebook page claiming to be from Pak'nSave, that advertises with a sponsored ad offering $1000 shopping vouchers.