Popular singer songwriter Nadia Reid's third album Out of my province which was recently released includes a love song, All of my love, which mentions Levin.

Reid has said it was based on real events, a modern romance written after a New Year's Eve where she was taken to Levin after but is coy about sharing any details of the love story.

The song has been touted as possibly the only love song to mention Levin.

The song opens with the lyrics 'You took me to Levin. You asked me to love you over again. I can't explain it deeper than words.'


The song takes the listener on a journey from Levin to Stansted in the UK. Like many of the songs on the album, it tells a story.

Reid told music reviewer Grant Smithies, "That line, you took me to Levin – that's exactly what happened, but I am not gonna get more specific."

Out of my province takes its title from an interview comment by New Zealand author Janet Frame referring to an intellectual and literal sense of separation. Reid wrote tracks for the new album on tour and recorded it in Richmond, Virginia, United States.

It has had rave reviews by music commentators and critical acclaim in the UK Guardian newspaper, Uncut, Pitchfork and Mojo magazines. She has been credited for 'saving folk music' by Billboard magazine. Her single Best Thing from the new album was listed as top of Mojo's office playlist.

Reid was a guest on BBC's Later … with Jools Holland and sung with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. Her music is best described as indie folk.

Apart from a parody amateur song by Rock FM producer Jeremy which has a dig at Levin, it has been 21 years since Levin featured in popular New Zealand music.

Dunedin Sound rockers Sneaky Feelings had a song titled Levin Dream on the Positively George Street album, released on the Flying Nun label in 1999.

Reid is currently touring the US then Europe before returning to the southern hemisphere in June.