What started off as an idea of "something nice to do for the community" has attracted hundreds of visitors to a field of sunflowers in Manakau.

Owners of The Greenery Garden Centre off SH1 Grant Irving and Tina Mullins thought their bare paddock at the front of their property would look great planted completely with sunflowers.

Sims Contracting planted the thousands of sunflower seeds and since mid-February, the stunning flower field has been a mecca for people and their cameras.

The gate to the paddock was left open but initially people walked up to the garden centre and asked permission to enter and take photographs. Eventually the owners put up a sign welcoming people to come and enjoy the flowers.


The sunflowers were "just for people to enjoy" said staff at The Greenery but they admit it has made people more aware of the garden centre as well.

The sunflowers have been popular on Instagram and there have been many visitors driving from Wellington to enjoy the sight. There have been so many visitors, they have made a maze of paths across the paddock.

The Greenery has been asked if it would sell the seeds from the sunflowers when they are finished but they are keeping the seeds to sow again next year.

With such a positive response from the locals and those travelling by, The Greenery will be hosting the field of golden sunflowers annually.

The Greenery teamed up with local photographer, Helen Lea of Nomad Creative, to offer photoshoots in the sunflower field which have been popular with women, couples and families.

The sunflowers are now slowly fading and the sparrows are enjoying a good feed from the seeds but in the next few weeks, staff will harvest the seeds and store them for next year's display.