Rongotea Sale Report.

Heavier cattle proved difficult to move as the falling schedule, lack of killing space and continuing warm dry weather starts to bite at Rongotea, reported Darryl Harwood of NZ Farmers Livestock.

2 year Hereford bulls 603kg-705kg made $2.65/kg-$2.85/kg, Friesian bulls 490kg-590kg made $2.57/kg-$2.69/kg and Shorthorn bulls 495kg made $2.65/kg. Angus bulls 485kg-649kg made $2.74/kg-$2.79/kg and Jersey bulls 466kg-685kg made $2.44/kg-$2.63/kg.

2 year Angus cross steers 335kg made $2.38/kg, Friesian steers 405kg made $2.35/kg and cross bred steers 440kg made $2.18/kg.


2 year Friesian-Hereford cross heifers 370kg made $2.19/kg.

18 month Friesian bulls 436kg made $2.63/kg and Jersey bulls 403kg-435kg made $2.34/kg-$2.55/kg.

Yearling Friesian-Hereford cross steers 327kg made $2.17/kg and Angus cross steers 257kg-365kg made $2.30/kg-$2.72/kg.

Yearling Hereford bulls 484kg made $2.87/kg.

Yearling Friesian-Hereford cross heifers 315kg-377kg made $1.62/kg-$2.30/kg.

Weaner Friesian-Hereford cross steers 109kg-163kg made $550-$670.

Weaner Friesian bulls 112kg-170kg made $370-$450 and Angus cross bulls 170kg made $480.

Weaner Friesian-Hereford cross heifers 106kg-190kg made $460-$560.


Friesian boner cows 415kg-620kg made $1.45/kg-$1.94/kg, cross bred boners 430kg-492kg made $1.42/kg-$1.50/kg.

Friesian-Hereford cross boners 850 kg made $2.00/kg.