Some of the nation's and perhaps the world's premier sheep shearers are expected to show for the 2020 Horowhenua AP&I Show on 18 an 19 January.

"Top shearers are the equivalent of the All Blacks. They are super athletes," said organiser Tim Mansell.

"It is all about the timing of our show," said Mansell, who is confident of top notch participation. "The top four in our finals will be in the top six for the Golden Shears," he said.

The Golden Shears held in Masterton is the world's top competition for shearing and wool handling.

Horowhenua AP&I Show Sheep Shearer in action.
Horowhenua AP&I Show Sheep Shearer in action.

"They have all had a bit of a break before our show kicks off and will be raring to go." He expects international competitors too, but since registration prior to the event is not required it all depends on who is going to make it here.

"They will be coming down from a show in Wairoa. They are all competitive athletes, so doing a show and then driving for hours to the next one, doesn't affect them too much.

"And since Horowhenua doesn't have too many sheep farms local competitors will be thin on the ground. This makes the presence competitors from far and wide all the more important.

He is hoping the see Rowland or Rolly Smith again, a former world champion shearer from Maraekakaho in Hawke's Bay, who also has multiple New Zealand championships to his name.

"He usually attend our show."

Mansell, who spend years shearing sheep himself around the country and the world, said the trade is a great way for skilled shearer to travel the world.

"As a shearer you get to see places few tourists sees and you meet the most interesting people in our of the way places."