Foxton's cable wakeboard park Off The Loop is getting ready to open an exciting new attraction, in another first for the district.

A giant inflatable aqua park will be installed in the facility's new pond extension, which has been constructed over the winter months.

It is due to open next weekend, weather permitting.

The new aqua park will feature a massive trampoline, balance beam, slide-bridge, climbing wall and jumping pillow, all floating on the water.


Off The Loop owner Glen Butcher said the new attraction would be a game-changer for the park.

It has been designed and made specially for Off The Loop.

"We've extended the 'pond' - it's got nice big banks around it and will be in a sheltered spot," he said.

"We had [the aqua park] designed especially for us, it's a modular system and we can add more features if we want to."

It is understood to be the only one of its type in the area and will provide a place for families to come and play, picnic and relax, with plenty of spots to sit and view the aqua park, Butcher said.

Users will need to be able to swim, and will wear lifejackets while using the aqua park.

Butcher said it was suitable for ages five and over and will cost around $13 for one hour for children aged five to nine years, and $16 for children aged 10 and over or adults.

"It's going to be amazing fun for us all this season and for many seasons to come," he said.


The existing wake board park is also a Horowhenua first, and is the largest cable wakeboard facility in the country.

Off the Loop wakeboard park in Foxton.
Off the Loop wakeboard park in Foxton.

It was built from scratch by windsurfing enthusiasts and owners Butcher, Dean Stella and Ange Cook and features a 185m-long man-made lake with a counter-weight cable tow system suspended above the water between a tower at each end.

Wakeboarders hold onto their bar and are pulled up and down the watery route on an electronic pulley system at tailored speeds.

A wakeboarder at Off The Loop.
A wakeboarder at Off The Loop.

The park also has an area used for stand-up paddleboarding.

The popular facility opened for the summer season on Labour Weekend with an event called "Wake Up," featuring guest wakeboarders, music, food and entertainment.

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