Enthusiastic bidding saw prices strengthen again at Rongotea reported Darryl Harwood of NZ Farmers Livestock.

2 year Friesian-Hereford steers 385kg-582kg made $2.90/kg-$3.07/kg, Charolais cross steers 563kg made $3.08/kg, Friesian steers 417kg made $2.83/kg and Angus cross steers 380kg made $2.63/kg.

2 year Friesian-Hereford cross heifers 280kg-450kg made $2.82/kg-$3.11/kg and Friesian heifers 465kg-469kg made $2.67/kg-$3.06/kg.


Yearling Friesian-Hereford cross steers 232kg-255kg made $2.90/kg-$3.79/kg, Murray Grey cross steers 268kg made $3.10/kg.

Angus cross steers 225 kg-232 kg made $2.85/kg-$3.11/kg and Exotic steers 205 kg-295 kg made $2.73/kg-$3.15/kg.

Yearling Friesian bulls 180kg-265kg made $2.56/kg-$2.92/kg, Friesian-Hereford cross bulls 290kg made $2.90/kg and cross bred bulls 245kg-345kg made $2.12/kg-$2.96/kg.

Yearling Friesian-Hereford cross heifers 165kg-310kg made $2.90/kg-$3.70/kg, Angus cross heifers 150kg made $2.47/kg.

Exotic heifers 250kg made $3.22/kg and Friesian heifers 230kg made $2.13/kg.

Autumn born Friesian-Hereford cross steers 111kg-115kg made $480-$505 and Friesian-Hereford cross heifers 120kg made $535.

In calf Friesian cows made $1550 and in calf Friesian heifers made $1290.

Friesian boner cows 385kg-670kg made $1.86/kg-$2.18/kg and cross bred cows 432 kg-536 kg made $1.34/kg-$2.05/kg.


In the calf pens, Friesian bull calves made $40-$90.

Big Friesian-Hereford cross bull calves made $170-$220 and smaller calves made $60-$120.

Angus cross bull calves made $80-$95.

Friesian-Hereford cross heifer calves made $50-$130.

Speckle Park heifers made 100 and Angus cross heifer calves made $75.