lvn140619goat: Levin woman Shanae McKay with her kid, named Ally.

A Levin woman who found a wild baby goat left for dead in the bush has become its surrogate mother.

Shanae McKay found Ally alone and fighting for her life in a stretch of bush due to be planted in pine. There was a cull of wild goats on the block of land prior to planting, as the goats could decimate a new crop.

"There was no sign of mum or Dad," she said.

She bought the necessary milk powder straight away and Ally quickly adapted to the new feeding regime. Her boyfriend wasn't too keen on the idea of a new pet, having not been consulted, but he was slowly warming to Ally.


He thought McKay was "kidding". But Ally was now part of the family, and it was hoped that she would soon prove her worth as a lawnmower.