Levin singer/songwriter Dean Ward's latest song Downtown Beauty Queen is making a splash around the world and is appearing on all sorts of platforms as well as radio stations.

"I have been writing and performing songs for years," said Ward who is also a mental health and addiction support worker.

"It is really hard to get your recordings on any platform or radio station. I am used to being rejected, but this song is apparentlty striking a cord and so far no one has turned me down. I am blown away."

The song, written for NZ Music Month, was inspired by one of his clients.


"In my work I so often see the most beautiful young people, especially girls, who are trapped in a world of alcohol and drugs while trying to raise kids. I am a dad and I shudder at the thought that this could have happend to my kids."

You may know Dean as the writer/singer of Livin on the Kāpiti Coast, Cruzin around the Coromandel, Edmund Hillary memorial song and Selene. He's also played for some top bands like The Mandelz, The Kiwis and 2face.

Downtown Beauty Queen by Dean Ward
Well she gets up every morning
Gets the kids out of bed
It's another day of struggle
She wonders how she got here
No money in her hand
Her man don't love her
Just as much as he can
Now she wash'n nappies
Dream'n of another man
She thinks she's going crazy
Wants to walk out that door
Chorus: She's a downtown beauty queen stuck in her day dream
She's reachin' for the bottle takes another swallow
Roles another jay blows her blues away
Sings up her favourite song
As she fills her water bong
She smokes another cigarette
She scrubs the kitchen floor
She wonders how she got here
Can't take it no more
Wants to run away
Now dreams of lovin' once more.

Ward said the young lady who inspired the song, has heard the song and is "responding nicely".

Dean Ward
Dean Ward

Ward has been part of lots of local bands and is currently performing solo. He has performed in clubs and at social functions over the years and will be part of this month's NZ Music Month event on May 25. He will be performing at Focal Point in Levin.

Downtown Beauty Queen is a country rock song and was recorded less than a week ago at Lindale Studios in Waikanae. Ward wrote the tune and the lyrics, while Te Horo's Phil Smart did the arrangement.

It is available on YouTube, Spotify, and Amazon and can be heard on lots of country radio stations as well as BeachFM.