Sale Report

The cattle pens were full to capacity at Rongotea today after a nice drop of rain to help pasture growth along reported Darryl Harwood of NZ Farmers Livestock.

2 year Friesian-Hereford cross steers 380kg-475kg made $2.50/kg-$2.66/kg, Angus cross steers 308kg-525kg made $2.42/kg-$2.61/kg, Murray Grey steers 470kg made $1160 and White Galloway steers 437kg-475kg made $2.44/kg-$2.66/kg.

2 year Friesian bulls 405kg-435kg made $2.26/kg-$2.28/kg, Friesian-Hereford cross bulls 375kg made $750, cross bred bulls 395kg made $750 and Jersey bulls 290kg made $435.


2 year Friesian-Hereford cross heifers 315kg-408kg made $2.08/kg-$2.45/kg and Murray Grey cross heifers 416kg-465kg made $2.37/kg-$2.54/kg. Empty Friesian heifers 275kg-403kg made $1.40/kg-$1.96/kg.

Yearling Friesian-Hereford cross heifers 220kg made $560 and Murray Grey heifers 320kg made $630.

Weaner Friesian-Hereford cross steers 115kg-282kg made $380-$555, Angus cross steers 175kg-223kg made $405-$605 and Murray Grey steers 165kg made $510.

Weaner Friesian bulls 127kg-265kg made $390-$565, Friesian-Hereford bulls 183kg made $590 and Angus cross bulls 195kg made $545.

Weaner Friesian-Hereford heifers 120kg-254kg made $350-$620, Angus cross heifers 114kg-231kg made $350-$620 and White Galloway cross heifers 170kg made $410.

In calf Friesian cross cows made $805-$855, in calf Friesian heifers made $860-$1080 and Friesian cross heifers made $800- $900.

Friesian boner cows 484kg-556kg made $1.31/kg-$1.55/kg and Friesian cross boners 330kg-452kg made $1.23/kg-$1.45/kg.

In the calf pens, Friesian bull calves made $150-$280, Friesian-Hereford bull calves made $140-$290.


Angus cross bull calves made $100-$280 and Speckle Park cross bull calves made $160-$280.

Friesian-Hereford heifer calves made $120-$270, Angus cross heifer calves made $150- $180 and White Galloway cross heifer calves made $155.