Levin's Salvation Army has acquired an emergency trailer, equiped with a barbecue and a cooker, to help feed the troops in emergencies or during community events.

The idea for this emergency trailer began in 2005 when severe floods hit Levin after the Manawatū River burst its banks that year and the Sallies were very much involved with Civil Defence.

Major Ray Pinkerton, who was then corps leader of the Salvation Army in Levin, said he had seen similar vehicles in other places with emergencies and thought it would be great for Levin to have one.

The project has finally come to fruition not in the least due to a large donation from RJs who helped raised funds for the trailer during its 21st birthday celebration.


The trailer will also be used at community events and it was out for World Licorice Day last Friday at RJs offering free sausages.