A new Levin venture is bringing together the best of retro, science-fiction and collectables under one roof.

Retro Gift and Geek is the brainchild of collector Kathryn Booth, who has opened the new Prouse Street shop and museum, packed full of interesting and quirky items.

A number of years in the making, Booth's vision was to create an interactive and welcoming space for people to enjoy the shop and look at the interesting items in the museum section, which is nearly complete.

Along with homewares, clothes, pictures and other collectable items, the store features a homely corner with retro furniture and a vast collections of books and VHS video cassettes which people are welcome to sit and read, or play on the TV and video machine installed in the corner.


Many are of the science fiction genre, but there is also a large collections of 80s and 90s Disney films and other gems tucked away in the collection that will be sure to stir up childhood memories for many.

Kathryn Booth, owner of Retro Gift and Geek.
Kathryn Booth, owner of Retro Gift and Geek.

The museum houses many more VHS cassettes, as well as antiques, models and Booth's extensive collection of tobacciana - mainly antique tins and cigarette cards which will be a real nostalgia hit for many people.

Booth said she hoped the venture would appeal to people who may remember some of the items, but also those who would find it all new.

"It's to bring back memories, but also to introduce generations to things they don't deal with, such as the VHS and cassettes," she said.

Booth said the breadth of her collections allowed her to "access everything from vintage and second hand to brand new and up to date."

Some of the memorabilia at Retro Geek and Gift, Levin.
Some of the memorabilia at Retro Geek and Gift, Levin.

Her favourite collectable items were original Star Trek memorabilia, of which she had a considerable amount.

"I collect for the enjoyment factor," she said.

Once the museum is complete, Booth hopes to host opportunities for others with an interest in the field to meet.


"I'd like to do evenings with modelling, crafts, games nights and family nights," she said.
"The museum will host ticketed events, with supper provided."

For more information, Retro Gift and Geek is on Facebook at /www.facebook.com/Retro-Gift-Geek-ft-MixMem-Museum-312584622689978