Hurting as the news of the Christchurch terror attack rolled out, a young Levin woman took to her piano.

It was the only way Coburrn Jane, 22, knew how to express what she was feeling. A few short hours later, she had turned that raw emotion into song.

"My piano is where I feel at home most. It's where I go when things go down," she said.

"It wasn't a matter of writing a song. It came out of nowhere and turned into a piece that I wanted to share.


"Music is the only way I know how express these emotions."

Since Jane shared her song on Facebook, titled They Are Us, she has had messages from all over the world from people who had listened to her song of support.

People from Canada, Pakistan, India, Texas and Australia had all messaged her offering their condolences to those affected.

"It's heart-warming to know that people really do care," she said.

Jane, who is a teacher aide at Horowhenua College for children with special needs, said it was her way of processing the news and dealing with the emotion of the tragedy.

"It really did break part of me," she said.

Song for Christchurch

"I heard about it as soon as the news was coming through. I was absolutely riled," she said.

"Anything to do with racism really grinds my gears."


Jane was a multiple winner of Horowhenua's Got Talent, an annual music competition run each year in the small New Zealand town.

Jane also wrote a Facebook message to go with They Are Us.

"We stand with you Christchurch!" it said.

"This song was written to all those affected by today's happenings. My heart goes out to the Muslim community, you are all loved and cherished by us, I am so sorry that this has happened and I hope you all know that we stand with you and we fight for you!"

"This song was written to spread love and positivity. This country is not hatred, we are not excluding, we are not ones to shun. We are a diverse community of individuals ready to help each other in a moment's notice!

"Please stay strong out there, we are with you. Love Coburrn xx"