The long range forecast looks promising for organisers of the Fairfield School gala.

The annual school fair has drawn huge crowds in recent years with thousands of people attracted to a large array of food stalls and activities that historically were held under blues skies.

Last year predicted rain fell only as the last people were leaving. Organisers were hoping the weather gods would again be kind.

School teacher Sally Rollinson was part of a large organising committee and volunteer group whose input was essential to the running of the annual event, which was months in the planning.


Mrs Rollinson said school pupils were encouraged to have input in the gala and many were making saleable items, including bees wax wraps, in preparation.

The gala event had always floated the boat out and had a point of difference with helicopter rides, Harley Davidson motorbike rides, pony rides and even hot air balloon rides in the past.

One year there was a grid and fair-goers could win prizes for guessing which square a fenced pony might fertilise.

This year classic car rides were on offer. The popular winning wheel was back in action this year along with a scary tunnel and grotto and a huge jumble sale.

In recent times there had been a car wreck donated and people put on a crash helmet and paid for the pleasure of smashing up a car with a sledge hammer.