Foxton's Volunteer Fire Brigade is down on numbers and would like more locals to join them.

To help people understand what is involved in fighting fires voluntarily, the brigade is holding an open day on Saturday February 9 at the station on Whyte St in Foxton.

Chief Fire Officer Shaun Sayers said there will be a live demonstration by members of his 14-strong team on how to deal with a kitchen fire.

Together with St John Ambulance staff they will also work on a "realistic as possible" car crash, so potential new members can see what is required.


There will also be displays telling about life in the fire service and local firefighters will be available to talk to anyone who wants to know more.

Fire Chief Sayers said new recruits need to be physically and medically fit, and not have a police record.

"Ideally we would like some people to join who are available for call-outs during the day. A number of us have jobs outside of Foxton, which reduces our numbers even more in the daytime. All recruits need to be living within the town boundary, or it will take them too long to get to the station when there is a call-out."

Middle-aged white males currently dominate the crew he said, though there are two women. One is Davina Solomon, who is also Māori.

"We would love a much greater diversity among our ranks in terms of age groups as well as ethnicities," said Sayer. "Anyone is welcome."

Foxton volunteer fire fighter Davina Solomon.
Foxton volunteer fire fighter Davina Solomon.

The crew trains weekly on Monday nights from 6.30pm to about 8.30pm.

"New recruits need to train an extra hour once a week for basic training. After six to 12 months they go on a one-week course in Rotorua after which they are fully-fledged firefighter."

Newbies may be able to join a crew on the fire truck much earlier.


"But that is at the discretion of the duty officer."

Sayer said all gear needed, including the uniform, will be supplied by the fire service.

"All the recruits need to have is time."

The open day is at the fire station on Whyte St in Foxton from 10am on Saturday February 9. The car crash demonstration is at 10.30am.

For more information ring the Chief Fire Officer, Shaun Sayer on 027 290 5855.