A Swedish folk singer heralded for her captivating stage presence has booked a gig in Levin as part of world tour.

Sofia Talvik, who has toured 47 states in the US and is about to take on Europe, will bring her violins, cellos, trombones and acoustic guitars to the Levin Cosmopolitan Club next month.

Talvik was described as an Swedish-American folk singer who had a heavy tint of her Scandinavian heritage coming through in live performance - "a North Sea siren blending sparkle and melancholy".

It was her first time touring New Zealand. Her 2019 world tour was taking in many "intimate" places like the Levin Cosmopolitan Club, described as perfect settings for an evening of heartfelt music.

Critics had compared her to folk giants Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins, but with a down to earth sound that bring out a raw quality that is delivered best in live performance.


Driven by a steady beat through foot percussion and rhythmic guitar picking, it was hard to believe she was actually alone on stage.

Growing up in Sweden, her music had a tint of Scandinavian heritage that comes through in the seven full-length albums she had made.

Her debut album Blue Moon was released in 2005 to critical acclaim followed by Street of Dreams in 2007, which featured a duet with Indie pop icon Bernard Butler from British band Suede.

Her latest album Big Sky Country was named one of the five best Americana albums of the year by British newspaper The Telegraph. It celebrated her love of the vastness of the US and the people she met there on the road.

Talvik had toured the US several times extensively following an appearance at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago in 2008, had played at SxSW, and opened for artists like Maria McKee and David Duchovny.

Sofia Tavlik plays at Levin Cosmopolitan Club on February 6.