A regular river-goer is putting out a call to anyone using the district's waterways for fishing to clear up their fishing line, hooks and equipment when they leave.

Jessica Williams says she was at Foxton River Loop on Sunday when she noticed some grass hanging out of her dog's mouth.

When she removed it, a fishing hook tangled in the grass became embedded in her finger, narrowly missing injuring the dog's mouth.

"While my partner was threading it back out of my finger I discovered the sinker attached to wire on the ground too," Ms Williams said.


"What if it was a child's foot, or they fell on to it [and it got stuck] in their hand or something?"

Ms Williams said she regularly visits and walks by the district's rivers all year round, and on numerous occasions has found fishing line lying about, especially at the Gladstone Reserve.

Ms Williams said she would like to put out a reminder that people fishing need to clean up after themselves and take home all their hooks to avoid injuring other people or wildlife.