Morgan Thomas says apartment living has opened his eyes to how easy it is to raise a child in the inner city.

He and his wife Amanda have been living in this two-bedroom apartment at Summit on Symonds with their young son Milo for about a year and a half now.

When the couple go to work, they say it's easy to take their son to childcare. Once their working day is finished, they can relax with him back at the apartment, prepare a meal or venture along K Rd or to Ponsonby, Newmarket or Britomart which are only 10 minutes away.

If they feel like eating in but not cooking, they order Uber Eats, choosing practically any type of cuisine they like because there any so many ethnic restaurants nearby.


The couple bought their two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit about three years ago when the building was being converted to apartments. There are six levels of apartments with retail on the ground level.

There was plenty to like about this apartment. The building's retro design included the large curved windows, and they liked that it had been built pre-1990s, before the era of leaky buildings.

And, having renovated a couple of 70s homes on the North Shore, they were happy to take a break from painting, decorating and mowing lawns.

Apartment living has allowed them to focus on being parents, especially at the weekends when they're no longer tied up with renovations, says Morgan. "It has liberated us; there is minimal housework and no maintenance."

It is convenient to the city and they have made the most of being next door to Cordis Hotel. They have used the foyer for working — photographer Amanda often pops over there for a coffee while editing.

Sometimes they get a day pass to use the hotel's swimming pool with Milo. Family and friends can easily visit or meet them in town because, as well as having their own car park at the apartment building, there is also visitor parking.

Morgan and Amanda looked first at an apartment higher up in the building but preferred level 2 as they like the link to the treetops and greenery outside. And they say the street noise is muted, with the building's soundproofing and double glazing.

Also unexpected were the great sunsets they have been privy to — right to the last minute of the sun going down, says Amanda, who regularly photographs the amazing sunset colours.

They also like the flow of their apartment: the kitchen and living as you come in (a bathroom and laundry are tucked near the entrance) with great views over Symonds St and K Rd, the greenery of Grafton Gully, and as far as Mt Eden Rd.

The bedrooms are separated by high slider doors on each side of the living room, the master bedroom has an en suite and both bedrooms have built-in wardrobe and shelving.

And being on the corner means we get great light, says Amanda.

In the kitchen there is plenty of bench space and appliances are Bosch. The only change the couple have made is putting in a waste disposal in the kitchen, and having double blinds for privacy and to block out the city lights when they sleep.

The couple say they are hooked on apartment living now, but want somewhere with an extra bedroom, so they can expand their family and have more space for Amanda's photography work.

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