Moderation is key, according to Miranda Kerr's former personal chef Kate McAloon.

The American born chef, who has cooked for the likes of The Rock, Gwyneth Paltrow and Courteney Cox, told to the Daily Telegraph that there are lots of "do's and don'ts" with her celebrity clientele.

McAloon began cooking for the former Victoria's Secret model and her ex-husband, Orlando Bloom, after becoming friends with Miranda's mother, Terese.

The celebrity chef said the model's envious body is the result of a very strict diet that consists mainly of fruit, vegetables and salmon.


"She does eat clean, she really believes in the 80/20 diet," McAloon revealed.

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"She is very health orientated and it works for her. She looks great."

Kerr's favourite dish was said to be McAloon's special curry and she enjoyed treating herself with a chocolate and coconut torte.

McAloon also revealed that her long-term client Courteney Cox would often host celebrity parties and long lunches that McAloon catered for.

"There were a lot of Sunday afternoon parties at their house," McAloon stated.

"Lots of their famous friends like Jennifer Aniston would come around and I would cook for them. That was a fun job."

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The celebrity chef is also an advocate for conscious cooking and hopes to educate people on using natural oils in their cooking.

"I have been using oils for years I guess, I was using lavender in cooking many years ago, but now I am learning more about it and there are a lot of health benefits."