Rachel Grunwell takes to Sydney's streets to complete a half-marathon

Blackmores Sydney Running Festival

What is it?

A Sydney running event held every September which includes a 42km marathon, 21km half-marathon, 9km bridge run and 3.5km family fun run. Millions of dollars are raised for charities.

What's needed: Run gear, registration, flights, accommodation.


The Experience: I arrive in Sydney before the festival and head to Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant for carb and protein loading. That's my excuse anyway.

Anyhow, his restaurant is darn pucker mate. It's everything he raves about: fresh, quality food, bangin' flavours. The mains are under A$30 too. Just make sure you book, to avoid queues.

On festival day, I rise early, scoff breakfast and catch a free train into Milsons Point, the start of the run. I drop my bag off (another free service for festival goers), queue for a toilet and then I'm just in time for the 6.15am half-marathon start.

Turns out thousands of other lycra-clad lunatics had the same idea. There are 34,000 entrants at the festival including 1500 international entrants from 57 countries.

I joke with a runner that I'll "let" the Kenyans pass me today; I'm such a nice girl.

At the half-marathon start, we get a spur on from Blackmores' ambassador Pat Farmer .

He is an ultra marathon legend who has run from the North Pole to the South Pole. Top bloke too. I chatted to him the day before when he graciously gave this rookie runner some training tips.

When the race starts. I move with the masses including two blokes dressed as Smurfs. I worry they'll get hot. But then I soon have no sympathy for them because they're faster than me. Darn Smurfs.


There's another bloke in a Superman suit and we take turns overtaking each other. The guy's red cape is like a waving flag to this red-faced bull. I want kryptonite. I'm not a competitive person, really - I just hate being beaten by comic-book creatures.

The 21km course winds over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is closed to traffic for the runners, and my feet dance right down the middle. Just because I can. It's a memorable moment: below is the sparkling harbour, before me, is the sun-lit, high-rise city-scape.

Above me, the clouds seem close. I feel close to heaven right now (it's those endorphins too).

The course covers the Royal Botanical Gardens, Darling Harbour and ends at the iconic Sydney Opera House where a huge crowd cheers us on.

As I stride through the finish arch, I buzz. I've clocked a personal best (1:55:07). I wonder if that Italian "fuel" helped? That, and my training (thanks Gaz Brown).

And because I've just run this race, I can really appreciate the half marathon winners' times: Japan's Yoshihiro Nishizawa clocked (1:07.02), while, the first woman is Australian Laura James (1:18.36). Impressively, the marathon winner is Kenyan Willy Koitile (2:13:48), and the first women marathoner is Ethiopian Biruktait Degefa (2:32.46). Their times seem super human. But that's okay by me - they don't wear capes or blue paint.

How much? Prices vary ie $50 for the bridge run, $105 for the half-marathon and between $135-$180 for the marathon for international runners. Plus airfares and accomodation.

Worth it? This event shows off stunning Sydney. It's slickly run event too - and it's just over the ditch.

Try it: Next year's festival is on September 21, sydneyrunningfestival.com.au
Rating: 10/10

Rachel wears: Lululemon Run Mod Moves Singlet $79; and Flow Y Bra IV $69. Skins A400 Womens long tights, $199.

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Rachel travelled to the festival courtesy of Destination NSW, sydney.com