I like to work up a sweat in the gym. I find the high-energy classes super motivating, the building is conveniently located on my walking route home from work and I have buddies who give me a shove if I'm not in the mood.

However, despite my love for the big, sweaty, pumping place, some things that go down there grind my gears. And a verbal survey of those around me reveals that I'm not alone.

* Unnecessary nudity: Maybe I'm a prude, but I just don't understand why a woman can't put her knickers on to blow dry her hair or iron her corporate gear. After a workout, you're hot, you're sweaty, you want to take a shower - I get that. But there are discreet ways of carrying out this private process in public. Wrap a towel around for the short walk to the showers. Come out, dry off, lather up in your body products, then pull on some underwear before carrying on with personal admin. I'm right into body confidence and all that jazz, but nude parading in the change rooms is not okay. According to my man friends, this goes for the guys as well.

* Space invaders: Some of the classes I attend are packed with up to 200 enthusiastic body attackers, pumpers, jammers and the like. This people power combined with all the endorphin-fuelled yahooing can make it seem a bit evangelical at times. I embrace this crazy vibe. But you've got to try and stay in your space. If there's room to move, then get in to it. If your grapevine weaves with the person next to you, you're probably too close. If the class is chockas then do your best to stay where you started. Avoid lunging yourself into someone else's bubble or running back and standing on top of the person behind you.


* Show ponies: You know the dudes with their shirts off, standing in front of the mirror watching their biceps flex with each dumbbell curl? Yeah, they look a bit silly - I think they're quite fun to watch. But men in my world tell me all the grunting and showing-off isn't cool. Likewise, I have lady friends who get a bit fired up at the girls in their teeny tiny gym gears and bouncy ponytails who bound around body attack, making the rest of us look bad. I have to say, I think this peeve is fuelled a little by the green-eyed monster. But I kind of get it.

Do you get these gripes? What are your pet peeves at the gym?
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