Wanganui Grey Power is pushing the Whanganui District Council to increase the size of a suburban culvert, saying properties are at risk of flooding.

Spokesman Vern Hill said Grey Power had been concerned about a "lack of action" over increasing the size of the Gerse St culvert in Whanganui East.

"The Gerse St culvert has been identified as being inadequate during heavy rainfall and the water backs up, potentially flooding properties," Hill said.

"So far nothing has been done to fix the problem and Grey Power is very concerned that in an event similar to June 2015 properties will again be flooded.


"Some of the property owners are elderly and have been paying rates for many years and Grey Power is concerned about this and believes they deserve better."

Grey Power contacted the council earlier this month and on April 16 received a response from its chief executive, Kym Fell, who said the council had instructed an independent engineer to investigate the suitability and capacity of the culvert for a potential upgrade.

"Grey Power welcomes this move and will continue to make sure commonsense prevails," Hill said.

"Whanganui District Council is responsible for fixing the problem. The solution is simple and is a priority to prevent flooding of ratepayers' properties."