Ridge Racer has been around since the dawn of console time, and has basically become graphically lush with more absurd drift abilities as it has aged. But Unbounded is a whole new world, with gritty urban environments replacing the squeaky-clean circuits of old.

Cars that look remarkably like machines we're familiar with - but carrying names like the Wolfseye GT and Gremlin GS - are all presented in typical Ridge Racer style, with speed, acceleration and drift abilities ranked. The more you race, the more points you score and the cars available become better.

Unbounded's full-on manic racing through a range of city courses focus mainly around Domination mode, smashing other drivers' "frags", wrecking property, exploding targets, drifting for power boosts and occasionally winning races.

A large amount of the landscape is destructible, with most things smaller than buildings easy to destroy. Far larger targets - like bridges - light up when you've got boost in the bag, and by hitting the button at the right time you can smash through them, as well.


There's a built-in city/track editor, but everything gets very samey, very quickly. It's a challenging and entertaining game, but there's only so far combative car games can go.

Unbounded is a good game, but the Burnout and Twisted Metal series' still rule the roost.

Stars: 3/5
Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Rated: G