Ever had to take a Zoom call as one kid yells for help with a maths equation and the other has a tantrum because they're bored and can't play with their friends?

This week, as we settle into Covid-19 level 3, more than a million New Zealanders are working from home - many with children tapping away at a keyboard beside them.

The struggle to juggle being a parent, a teacher and a productive employee is real.

Throw in the added stresses that come with social distancing and it can be exhausting.


Unless you have a plan.

Kris de Jong from Eclipse Life Coaching said juggling three such important roles could be stressful - especially as we settle into the second month of lockdown.

Here are his top tips when you are an employee, parent, teacher all at once:

Set your priorities

Identify your priorities. For working parents, the most important life areas are probably going to be your children and your job, so reserve enough time for these first, and fit everything else around them.

Make a schedule

Scheduling tasks and activities into 'time blocks' as much as possible allows you to set boundaries and take control of your situation.

It'll also help your kids to feel more settled through having some kind of structure and routine within their bubble life.


It's a great idea to have a weekly 30min 'strategy session' to schedule activities into your diary, which will give you a sense of certainty and confidence about the week ahead.

Time for self-care

If you're constantly stressed, overwhelmed, or angry, it's hard to care for your family properly or be productive in your work, so it's vital to practice self-care.

Take some time out to relax and calm down every day in a way that suits you.

Find a quiet space where you can just sit and breathe for a few minutes.

Go for a walk on your own. Do some exercise. Engage in an activity that you love, such as reading, listening to music, cooking or watching a movie.


Look at your environment

Your physical environment has an effect on your mental wellbeing.

If your home's a mess, you'll tend to feel disorganised and frazzled.

A clean and tidy house promotes a sense of calm and control.

Try to separate your workspace from your living area if you can, so you can fully engage in either your work or your family life.

Keep it Simple


If it makes it easier makeup lunchboxes, as you would, for a normal school day so you don't have an added interruption.

Keep mealtimes simple and stress free and accept not everything is going to go to plan.

Kris de Jong is a Life and Career Coach at eclipselifecoaching.com based in Auckland.