It's been a trying year for many of us with the global pandemic placing a strain on virtually every aspect of our lives.

From the unknown we have faced in level jumping, lockdowns and supermarket shelves being stripped by panic-buyers, 2020 has certainly been a hard slog.

But when we Kiwis need cheering up, it seems there is one thing we can always turn to - food.

When the nation entered level 4 lockdown, the internet was alight with lockdown loaves, banana bread, home-smoked meats and dalgona coffees.


While it was fun for a while, eventually the novelty of the home-cooked meal began to wear off for Kiwis. Who can forget the hour-long lines to enter the KFC and McDonald's drive-throughs when they reopened in level 3?

As the twists and turns of 2020 take hold, many New Zealanders are now turning to fancier takeaways and chef-created meal kits to make them feel better.

One of the businesses feeding Kiwis' undeniable craving for good food is new Auckland delivery-only restaurant The Foodies.

The company launched just after the first lockdown ended, and has seen huge consumer demand for its European-inspired cuisine in particular.

And surprisingly, Kiwis aren't going for classic comfort food like burgers and chips. Instead, more than 70 per cent of all orders since launching have been from the lobster and crayfish menu - think butter-poached lobster rolls and lobster thermidor.

This huge sway towards fine foods suggests Aucklanders desire to treat themselves to high-quality cuisine as a much-needed pick-me-up.

Another company feeling the demand for fine food is Nourish Group, which launched in response to level 3 restrictions back in April.

The group includes eateries Soul, Euro, Jervois Steak House and Andiamo, which are available through My Nourish Kitchen food boxes, allowing Aucklanders to recreate the dishes at home.


Designed by executive head chef Gareth Stewart, diners continue to lap up offerings like beef short rib ragu, rigatoni and aged risotto.

So while Kiwis might be feeling the pinch in their wallet, they appear to still be choosing to indulge in the little luxuries that make them feel good.

Potentially it's the allure of exotic food in place of a getaway, and what's better than conjuring up the sensory pleasure of a luxurious evening in Paris?