A Kiwi-born chef across the ditch has mashed two iconic Australasian desserts together and created the 'pavington'.

The bottom is a sponge covered in chocolate icing and coconut and the top is pavlova covered in cream and kiwifruit.

The two desserts are sandwiched together with a thick layer of raspberry jam.

"It's a bit of fun, and they're two delicious, classic, iconic Australian sweets that are better together than separately," Attica head chef Ben Shewry told Broadstreet.


Shewry said he spent nearly two months figuring out the concept, which took over 30 attempts to perfect.

Attica is a restaurant located in Melbourne and is still operating during the area's Covid-19 lockdown through delivery.

Shewry describes the dessert as a bit like him "It's a sweet that has a foot in both camps".

The pavington is advertised to feed six to eight people and is made to order.